Roscoe Mitchell 

One of the great privileges of my career has been to learn from Roscoe Mitchell.  Here are two albums of his orchestral music which I was a part of

The Luna Ensemble

The Luna Ensemble is an Oakland based ensemble of improvisers, sound artists and composers who translate environmental sounds into music through experimental notation, extended instrumental techniques, improvisational strategies and electronically manipulated sound recordings.  Members of the group include: Rachel Condry, clarinets; Crystal Pascucci, cello; Jacob Peck, guitar; Jennifer Wilsey, percussion, Nava Dunkelman, percussion; Christopher Luna Mega, keyboards; Aaron Oppenheim, electronics and Jeannie-Aprille Tang, electronics.  Recently some of our recordings were released by Other Minds in an album of Christopher Luna's compositions entitled Times Arrow


Gretchen Jude, vocals and electronics
Rachel Condry, clarinets
Jennifer Wilsey, percussion
Jacob Peck, guitar

A flexible quartet of improvisers that when organized as a whole may be perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

Nathan Clevenger Group at Studio Grand in 2016

Composer/guitarist Nathan Clevenger was born in Oakland, California and has been composing music informed by his voracious consumption of jazz, classical, and popular music from around the world, and an obsession with the written word, from an early age. Since 2003, Nathan’s main musical outlet has been the cryptically-titled Nathan Clevenger Group. The band currently features Kasey Knudsen (alto sax), Cory Wright (tenor sax, clarinet), Rachel Condry (bass clarinet, clarinet), Sam Bevan (bass), Jon Arkin (drums), and Jason Levis (drums/percussion).  With the addition of a 2nd percussionist in 2015, the Group’s current music has added an additional layer of rhythmic counterpoint to the already dense melodic counterpoint.  It is a great privilege to be on their 2019 album Stateless.

Matt Small, bassist and composer
Micah McLain, drums
Steve Adams, saxophones
Mitch Marcus, saxophones
Sarah Zaharako, violin
Paula Dryer, piano
Kymry Esainko, piano
Rachel Condry, clarinets