Clarinet Lessons &
Chamber Music Coaching

Hours & Location

I currently teach exclusively online- please text or email to set up a lesson.

Scheduling Lessons

Lessons can be scheduled by phone or email.  Students sign up for lessons by semester, though individual lessons and trial packages for new students may also be scheduled.  There are 3 semesters per year Fall, Spring and a short Summer semester.  Fall and Spring semesters last between 16-22 weeks depending on the calendar year and include weekly lessons, a group studio class (where student play musical games, perform for each other and rehearse for the recital) Each semester culminates in a studio recital where individual and group pieces are performed.  Summer semesters last approximately 10 weeks and are a great way to continue practice while school is out.

Rates & Payment Options

Semester tuition must be paid in full by the 2nd lesson of the semester or monthly installments-set up through your bank’s bill pay.  Installments range from $180-$275 per month depending on semester and length of lesson.  Individual lessons must be paid by cash or check at the time of the lesson.

Individual lessons | Fall Semester (16 wks) | Spring  (22wks)      
30 minutes: $45 | $ 720  ($180/mo)       | $990  ($165/mo)
45 minutes:    $58 |     $ 928   ($232/mo)       | $1276 ($212/mo)
60 minutes:    $75 |     $ 1200 ($300/mo)      | $1650 ($275/mo)

60 minute group  lesson: $25/student (minimum 3 students)

90 minute chamber coaching: $125 each

Trial Packages

Sign up for a 3 lesson trial and get a 10% discount*

3 lessons gives the student and I a chance to learn about one another and get a sense of what  it will feel like to work together longer term.  In the first lesson we might talk a bit more than usual as I ask questions about what made them choose clarinet in the first place and establish what some of their goals for lessons will be.  Over 3 lessons I can share a bit more about how I can help them reach their goals or if necessary help them establish what those might be!

*This discount is available to new students. Limit one per student.

For current students- Receive a free lesson if you refer a new student that signs up for a semester.

Why Take Lessons

Learning an instrument is a fantastic way to explore your inner and outer worlds while gaining countless skills that can help you in life, whether you become a professional player, an enthusiastic amateur or a lifelong music appreciator.  There are lots of benefits of working with me as your private teacher.   I specialize in clarinet.  My teaching methods focus on helping students create and reach their own goals.  My teaching style is flexible and is catered to the learning styles and interest of each individual student.  Most importantly, I really care!  I invest a lot in my students because I believe in them.  All of my students learn to express themselves with sound and I take great pride in listening to what each of them have to say.


I started playing clarinet in public schools at the age of 9. I may actually have been the worst in my class at first but I enjoyed learning and practiced all the time. I used to drive my older brother crazy! Once I started private lessons though, everything changed. I learned so much is lessons that by age 12 I decided I wanted to be a professional musician. I practiced (a lot!) and worked hard and was blessed with outstanding teachers along the way.  Now I play, teach and write music for a living!   I believe that approaching music from all these different disciplines creates a positive feedback loop, one that improves my engagement and effectiveness in everything I do. For me, teaching is a process of empowerment, one that flows back and forth between teacher and student. If I am not inspired, how can my students be? My job is to help give students tools to set and achieve their goals and to discover their own inspirations. I teach a variety of musical traditions from classical to jazz to klezmer and Balkan traditions as well as free (non-idiomatic) improvisation. I use a unique clarinet pedagogy that utilizes every day activities, like breathing and speaking, as models that can make playing easier and your sound better. In addition to clarinet technique, my students learn to read, write and improvise music. They also learn basic harmonic theory and relevant music history and performance practice. I have an Master of Fine Arts from Mills College in Oakland, a Bachelor of Music from Oberlin Conservatory and a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College.   My main clarinet teachers have been Lawrence McDonald, Caroline Hartig, Stan Gaulke, Julie Heikkila and Kenneth Grant. I have also studied improvisation and composition with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, John Raskin, Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, James Fei, Andrew Cyrille and Henry Grimes.