Teaching Philosophy
& House Rules

Teaching Philosophy & House Rules

My teaching philosophy and methods are rooted in the belief that given the tools, knowledge and opportunity, anyone can learn an instrument and express them self with sound.  Furthermore, I believe that every one of us has something to valuable to say.   I am committed to creating a safe and inspiring learning environment that encourages experimentation and self-determination. I have distilled a few rules that serve to support these ideals.  They are as follows:


We cannot change the past or predict the future.  Only in the moment do we have power to change the outcome.  


Yourself, your instincts, your teacher, your colleagues and the process. 

Especially those that most challenge you. 


Yourself, your instincts, your teacher, your colleagues and the process.  Trust also where you are whether that be a place or a state of being.  


There is no such thing as can't, only "will not try".  Observe objectively and remember to acknowledge and celebrate progress.  Big achievements are nothing more than the sum of a series of little achievements.  


The number one thing I expect from my students is commitment.  Learning music is fun and exciting but whether your goals are small or big, it takes dedication and a commitment to daily practice.  One reason for this is that playing the clarinet is a physical activity which requires the use of muscle memory.  Muscles “remember” through repetition, which is why regular practicing is needed to learn any instrument.  Most of what I teach in lessons is how to practice.  Your job as the student is to take this information home and TEST IT OUT. I hope you find practicing fun and wish to play for longer!  Remember, what you put in, is what you get out.  For more specific thoughts about practicing, check out my blog post on Kinstantly!

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